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By kind permission of the author and publishers, we are able to offer a download of the DBMM v2 Quick Reference Sheet for the personal use of DBMM players and their opponents. Note of course that the QRS is a summary of the rules and the actual published rules are still needed to cover all the exceptions that the QRS doesn't cover. This is revision 2_03 of the QRS and includes all errors so far reported.


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Starting DBMM

DBMM Mantras for DBM players

These are some mantras for DBM players to chant while they play DBMM. they aren't all entirely accurate and some of them may be overstated for emphasis but they pick up on things that some reasonably experienced DBMM players still forget:
  1. Recoiling into someone never kills you.
  2. Foot never follow up mounted.
  3. Just because you are impetuous doesn't mean you pursue.
  4. Some PIPs are cumulative, some aren't.
  5. Remember pressing forward.
  6. Skirmishers don't run away when facing you.
  7. Your cavalry can be killed by Knights when they charge in.
  8. You do get your (S) when fighting Elephants.
  9. Your War Wagons can't move sideways, or anywhere else for 1 PIP.
  10. Your Bows flee from War Wagons if they lose.
  11. Your Spears do get killed on a recoil by Blades.
  12. You don't get a 3rd or 4th rank of Warband against mounted.
  13. Lines and Columns are much more important.
  14. Psiloi are impetuous in the TZ of foot.
  15. Elephants don't quick-kill Cavalry.
  16. Light Horse don't quick-kill Knights (and are not the anti-Kn troops of yore).
  17. Deploy in depth with a reserve.
  18. Hd do not recoil.
  19. Not all mounted kill Psiloi.
  20. Not all mounted kill Bows two deep.
  21. If you are irregular and not moving straight ahead, you are paying an extra PIP, even if you move into contact.
Thanks to Gordon Harrow, David Mather, Niall Taylor and Ian MacKay for these.
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