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By kind permission of the author and publishers, we are able to offer a download of the DBMM v2 Quick Reference Sheet for the personal use of DBMM players and their opponents. Note of course that the QRS is a summary of the rules and the actual published rules are still needed to cover all the exceptions that the QRS doesn't cover. This is revision 2_03 of the QRS and includes all errors so far reported.


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DBMM V2.0 ArmyList Calculator v1-1

A DBMM V 2.0  Excel army list Calculater, provided by Robert Oldbury posted on the DBMMList file section (lastest version November 2010).

DBMM V2.0 Army List Generator

A DBMM V 2.0  Excel army list generator, provided by Greg Mann posted on the DBMMList file section (lastest version June 2010).

DBMM V1.0 Army List Generator Ver 1.04

Another Excel army list generator , very nice looking this time, provided by Marcel Bos on the DBMM List(lastest version 1.04 September 2008).

The ME problem of Chariot Cv(S) has now been fixed on this version.

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