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By kind permission of the author and publishers, we are able to offer a download of the DBMM v2 Quick Reference Sheet for the personal use of DBMM players and their opponents. Note of course that the QRS is a summary of the rules and the actual published rules are still needed to cover all the exceptions that the QRS doesn't cover. This is revision 2_03 of the QRS and includes all errors so far reported.


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My mistake - Warfare is not the end of the campaigning season. While it is the last major, there is still the 5th round of the Northern League to go this weekend.

Ian did successfully defend his Warfare title this weekend, winning the 15mm period, but even that was not enough to prevent David overhauling him when his score from last year dropped off the radar. I'm not sure, but if both Ian and David turn up to the 5th round of the Northern league, and Ian wins it, then there is a chance that by replacing his 46 from Roll Call with a score of 80 he might yet snatch it from David. David's score is immaterial - he already has 6 scores at 80 or higher so can't improve on his.

So the GB Rankings for 2010 come into their final competition of the year - Warfare. There are 5 players who look like they are within shouting distance of the title, but a closer look at the stats revealsĀ  different story. Of them, Ian Austin and Steve Bainbridge are both winners from Warfare last year, so their current ranking includes a protected 100 which will disappear after the weekend, to be replaced by whatever their score is this year. And realistically they can't improve on top, so their rankings can only go down. For Steve that means that despite his run of 6 wins in his last 6 games he isn't really in contention. For Ian it means that he has to win this year. Tim Child, currently sitting 3rd, is umpiring at Warfare rather than playing, so won't be increasing his score (although it won't go down either). David Thompson had a terrible time at Warfare last year - one of his worst scores and because it's protected it has been dragging his score down all year. This year he is unable to make Reading so it will vanish and allow one of his high scores from the Northern League to be counted, which should (and I haven't done the maths) get him past Ian and into top place.

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