LHG - Brasidas 424-422 BC

A list from Jim Webster to cover the classical Greek army of Brasidias in northern Greece between 424 and 422 BC. This micro-army is difficult to replicate in the standard Later Hoplite Greek list in Book 2 so a list is produced here at 1:125 element scale (half normal) and as an army list for DBMM200.
Source: TNE Wiki
Editor: Jim Webster
Variation on Later Hoplite Greek
Scale: 1:125
Climate: Warm
Aggression: 3
Terrain: S, Rv, DH, SH, GH, O, V, RF, F, Rd, BUA.
Brasidas, Brilliant C-in-C as Reg Sp(O) 1  
Mercenary and Helot Hoplites as Reg Sp(O) 10-14  
Belligerent servants as Irr Ps(I) 0-4  
Only in 424:    
Hoplites from smaller allies as Irr Sp(O) 3-8  
Corinthian Allies:    
Corinthian Ally General as Irr Sp(O) 0-1 (1)
Corinthian Hoplites as Irr Sp(O) 10-20  
Theban Allies:    
Theban Ally-General as Reg Cv(O) 0-1  
Theban Hoplites as Irr Sp(O) 10-17 (2)
Theban Cavalry as Reg Cv(O) 2-5 (2)
Triremes as Reg Gal(F) 0-2  
Only in 423BC:   (4)
Allied Hoplites as Irr Sp(O) 0-2  
Local Peltasts as Irr Ps(S) 2-8  
Only in 422BC:    
Spartan Sub-General as Reg Sp(O) 0-1  
Thracian Mercenaries as Irr Ax(O) 0-12  
Myrcinian and Chalcidian Peltasts as Irr Ps(S) 2-16  
Allied Hoplites as Irr Sp(O) 0-2  
Hellenic Cavalry as Reg LH(O) or Reg Cv(O) 0-2  
Boats as Irr Bts(O) 0-6  
Edonian Allies:    
Edonian Ally-General as Irr Cv(O) 0-1 (3)
Edonian Cavalry as Irr LH(O) or Irr Cv(O) 0-3  
Edonian Peltasts as Irr Ps(S) 0-16  


(1) compulsory only if more than 10 elements of Corinthians are used.

(2) compulsory only if any Thebans are used

(3) Compulsory if any Edonians are used.

(4) Brasidas in 423 BC was an ally of the Macedonians. If he is taken as an ally contingent in an Early Macedonian Army, the Macedonians may not use any Lynkestians, but any Macedonian or Coastal Greek Hoplites may be placed in Brasidas's command.

The Edonians are Thracian but perhaps more Hellenised by this period. Numbers are guesswork in their case to be honest.